Wednesday, 23 January 2013

You keep me wishing in the dark..

Friends were sending me links of this young lady for some time and I would always put them to the side along with the others; for some reason I just never find the time to just chill and listen to new music. Driving in my car is where I Shazam like a crazy person and this song is my recent obsession from the weekend. Fortunately I was on my way to a friends house to get ready for a night out, so I started going through Jessie Ware’s tracks and felt like I’d been living in a bubble to have not enjoyed her earlier. The songs had the ability to create an entrancing setting with Ware's glistening vocals yet still building me up for a night out with the energy of the tracks undertones. I suppose like any great love, you remember the first moment you realized how you felt and so 110% is definitely the song I keep going back to. 
I adore the lyric “You keep me wishing in the dark..” and certainly her breathy vocals and lyrical subjects compliment my current mood. Maybe it was fate to be to be so behind the times!

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