Friday, 31 August 2012

August Wish List

Zara Leather Jacket

Topshop White Shirt

Cos Layer Jersey Dress

Cos Silk Back Dress

Topshop Red Romper

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Harsh Comforts

I feel my lack of posts these days is a continuation of my negative reaction to the trends of Autumn Winter shows earlier in the year along with the ugly trends that keep popping up in my news feeds, searches and reading material. Like my previous post about the frightening excitement at neon, I have just come from Elle UK online and felt the need to shake my head at the knowledgeable ladies there. 

I have seen a few offenders posting in blogs about their newly purchased comfort soles and I wonder why people who consider themselves fashion savvy feel the need to follow trends even when they are nothing but awful. They then team up these offensive shoes that I wouldnt even wear in the comfort of my home with pyjama trousers. I am all for comfort and being at ease when you are still attempting an effortless look of style but this just looks plain ridiculous. Flat shoes and patterned trousers can be adorned in many ways without looking somewhat obscure and resembling someone that has fallen off the crazy wagon. I have hope for the season yet but I will be dodging shuffling slippers, baroque patterns and neons like I have reactive intollerance to them.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Really Neon?

NEON; it was for those unfortunate souls that became lost in the cloud of raves and anthems and were unaware of the fatal errors they were making in bright, iris burning hues of yellow, orange, pink and green. 

With the nineties being a decade I can always enjoy to look back on, along with many other decades of fashion that offer so much style, glamour and evocative thought when thinking about your own personal style choices; I am just at a loss with the neon trend of late. There is a fine line when choosing your colour palette and neon is one step too far in making that bold statement. When thinking about inspiration for outfit choices one wouldn’t want to resemble a traffic cone or parking attendant so I struggle as to what made designers and fashion forward people of our generation bring back this faux pa.