Friday, 27 January 2012

First Love, Last Love

Last night left me feeling an elation of transendence as I listened to The Maccabees live at Brixton Academy, something I haven't had the chance to do since before the release of their second album. Back in 2005 I saw them for the first time, supporting The Kooks and The Subways in Brighton. I was intreagued by the lead singers style; reminding me of Ian Curtis' stage precense, shy and introvert yet very much a pull of focus.
Off the back of their newly released album Given To The Wild earlier this month, I was unsure if they would play solely their newest songs but it was a great delight to the crowd to hear the riffs of old friends in X-Ray, Can You Give it and others from their first two albums.
All three albums are very different yet all worked in what was an amazing set. I didnt know how I'd like their new stuff but it was definitely a welcome surprise.
The friendship of the band, the excitement they still show at playing to a loving crowd makes you love them that little bit more. 

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