Tuesday, 27 September 2011

You Minx

I forgot to mention another highlight from last weeks show was my fab nails! Everyone seems to love them and I'm definitely going to search myself for some Minx Nails in different styles! So far they've lasted a week as expected but Im hoping for longer! Painting your nails is so last year! ;)

Bitter Sweet

I was very excited last week to be a part of LFW, having done catwalks before this was an exciting step up. I seem to be fortunate enough to do these things with my friend Karis so here are a couple of pictures of us behind the scenes at the FAD show at Freemasons Hall. I am awaiting my shots from the show, which I will of course put up.

The following day I went to Somerset House to see a presentation by New Power Studio; where my best friend Sasha previously worked. It was very different to a catwalk but obviously still an opportunity to show the clothes off as well as their creativity with the setting, mood and music. Ive always liked the shows done by New Power Studio as there is always a twist to your every day catwalk. The presentation included a coffin made for two, a pregnant woman with a bag over her head as well as two beautiful child models wearing white roller blades. A dark yet humorous tone to a fresh take on fashion.

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Skirt: Topshop
Top: American Apparel
Cardigan: Vintage
Shoes: Primark
Necklaces: Primark

So obviously with my dark themed outfit for my friends birthday, a few comments such as "Witches of Eastwick" or "Mortisha" were thrown my way but to be frank it was music to my ears. I think there is a little witch inside me and I wanted to touch on a little nineties goth. The night wasn't all smiles when I realised I lost my brand new YSL plum lipstick. Sad times. I curse the bar wench who now has my golden treat. 

Friday, 16 September 2011

Colour Me Happy

It is a known fact that I have a love for all things mint and peachy so when I saw that this seemed to be a popular trend at NYFW I was elated, to say the least! DVF brought us fresh looks for Spring; simplicity, femininity, and flashes of pastel is exactly what I like and what you got in abundance. With a preppy look at times it gave a nod to the sporty theme that we see in the other collections such as 3.1 Phillip Lim and Helmut Lang. My favourite outfit from DVF was the green tutu with a shimmer and loose vest to match it was effortlessly girly.

Leaving behind this years bright shades you are left feeling like a kid in a candy store as you see layers of sherbet orange and powder pinks in flowing yet neatly  tailored garments for 3.1 Phillip Lim SS 2012 collection. Steering clear of the busy patterns or safari trend that many other designers have gone for Lim has showed us that really simple is best. With sleek lines and generously cut trousers you see a reminiscence of Calvin Klein and the minimalism of the nineties. Sporty undertones give a twist to what seems like a timeless collection. The beautiful beige and cream maxi dress points us in the direction of Calvin Klein's collection with beautiful bias cut dresses draping across the models waif like bodies.

In shades of nude and subtle peach you can almost feel the soft silk touch your skin as you watch the models glide. This collection is sensual and steering somewhat away from its usual hard edge with the soft tailoring and collarless jackets; masculinity to accompany satin slips that showed off the female form. A perfect coupling. And who said Romance was dead....

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Baby You Can Drive My Car

August saw me  assisting for TV, with two big jobs it was very exciting and a fabulous opportunity. The first was for a Sky Living documentary, the artists are hush hush for now but we were there to create new looks for them both male and female. It was a great opportunity to assist Vernon Francois who is an up coming image consultant; having worked on things such as Coleen's Real Women and BNTM as well as stylist Kalee Hewlett who I work with regularly. 
Kalee and I then worked together on a Hyundai Advert, set in the swinging sixties with crazy fans and The Beatles, with our first location at Abbey Road we had to match the outfits exactly to the album cover. I had such a fun time, although the early starts and late finishes certainly take some getting used to!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Caught In The Moment

I visited the Press Photographer Exhibition for the first time and as a lover of captured images it was certainly worth the time. Humbling and evocative photographs and at times humorous. Above are a few that stood out to me.

My friend and I then decided to bravely go to the Museum of Broken Relationships which was visiting London. Was it a wise choice? We went unknowing, and yes it was certainly intense, dark and angry but in the same notion a sense of comfort that we all go through it but saddening that no one seems to avoid utter heartbreak. You were invited to share your own stories there and then, pad and paper but for me that was too much, and I left with the need to be back out in the fresh air and breathe!



Living just on the edges of London makes a trip to central all the more exciting and on a day like this with the sun kissing my skin as I visited the second hand book stall in South Bank, I felt a moment of bliss with the occasional stroke of a breeze as I brushed my hand across the words of many. 

A moment to share. x