Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday best

I woke up to a beautiful Sunday, the sun breaking through my blinds and heating up my skin like it was a mid July morning. Excitement came across my hazy sleepy state as I wanted to venture out and soak up the rays. Spring was upon us but I knew the temperament of English weather and so I went to that safe place of warmth in the nude tones that brought comfort. 


Cardigan: Dad's from way back when

Snood: Primark

Top: Topshop

Shoes: Office

Trousers: Richmond boutique

 Bag: Mui Mui

Of course what only followed naturally to me jumping out of bed was the rain, that harsh reminder that no brights were needed. My dads jumper is my comfort blanket and the trousers were a fix for my camel obsession that I found raiding my flat mates fruitful cupboard.
I love my boots and finding more outfits that go with them and what better than my Mui Mui bag which is on its last legs but it gains extra charm from almost falling apart! 
Rain rain go away.......

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