Friday, 25 February 2011

Crown Jewels

Accepting that Fashion week is upon us and that although I may be only able to dream of grabbing one of those sought after garments I could at least take a peek!
MILAN, Gucci could not be more of a wake up to what I had been missing.
Some similar themes from Spring came into the fold with colour blocking in an irresistible palette, as well as a romantic effortless tribute to seventies chic.
Gucci creates the illusion of accessibility yet is every inch the attire of a starlet.

With pussy bow chiffon dresses, draping across the models contrasting with the bold patent leather and snakeskin pencil skirts adorned with fabulous clutches in lizard, ostrich and crocodile.

Deep red lips peered from under wide brimmed trilbies bringing an essence of forties glamour along with fur stoles in hues of only the most beautiful of peacock blues and olive greens.
Bejewelled with shades of ruby, sapphire and emerald is enough to make a girl weak at the knees. 

If I could be a Gucci girl for the day…..

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