Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Kate's sparkle fading?

Kate Moss says farewell to Topshop with the release of her final collection last night. And in all honesty is it a surprise that we say so long?

She is of course a beauty that will always be our British style icon and maybe with that in mind I have been harsh in my judgement on her collections with Topshop; but with not one of her pieces in my wardrobe I feel it has been something of an anti-climax.

Having looked at her final work with Sir Philip Green I am sad to say there wasn’t anything that was worthy of my gold card use. Anything that did catch my eye soon lost its sparkle when looking at the price I realised I am paying for Moss when in a store that has always been of good monetary value.

Everyone seemed to love the white bias cut dotted dress from her first collection spotted on celebs such as Selma Blair when I frankly thought it looked like something from a generic Portobello stall.
This piece probably defined my opinion of this collaboration so when walking through aisles of clothes I simply would walked past the shrine like corner dedicated to the clothes designed by the model.
Something seems to be missing, from the usually edgy and cool style icon.

Kate Moss for me was always someone that was unique with her style and I suppose in collaborating with such a big brand she lost that slightly. Obviously for the masses it was a huge success but for someone who looked to Ms Moss for inspiration I felt it was lacklustre in her creations.
To add insult to injury she has been it seems replaced by a younger model – in no means of beauty with Philip Greens daughter not likely to follow her footsteps onto the catwalk but with her now taking her chances at designing – is Kate Moss merely stepping aside to let the young ones have a shot or is she ever so politely being booted out the door by a princess of retail's shoes because she might just be past it?
Still gracing many pages in our glossy fashion magazines – I still have a love for her feline waif beauty and even in her look book she makes some of her designs interesting but its more her oozing with sex appeal than me wanting to buy the item.
Is this the end of an era for Kate or maybe a realisation that she is just better suited elsewhere…

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  1. interesting piece through the eyes of someone who has a good grasp of whats in and what's not.

    Maybe Ms Moss should stick to what she does best and be the clothes horse. Sad but true, we all have our limitations, and probably this wasnt her best career choice.